Libyan Interim Government: Committee formed to document human rights violations in western region

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 29 Jun 2020, 11:38 AM
alwasat radio

Libyan Interim Government Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni issued a decision on Sunday to form a committee to "document human rights violations in the western region."

In accordance with Resolution No. 84 of 2020, the committee undertakes to “collect and document violations of human rights, international law, relevant conventions, covenants and legislation that have occurred in the western region, and in particular cities that have been subjected to violations in recent events of (Tarhuna, Qasr bin Ghashir, Al-Sabiah, Souq Al-Khamees, Al-Awatah, Bani Walid, Al-Shweref, Sabratha, Sorman, Al-Jameel, Al-Asba, Sirte and other areas.

The committee determines - according to the same resolution, "the type of violations that are classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity according to the international and national classification."

It is also the responsibility of the committee to "open channels of communication with all public and private agencies to collect information on these violations, and to form sub-committees to collect facts, especially from the displaced persons of the mentioned cities."

The committee also undertakes "to perform its duties in any city or region in the country of Libya subject to the aforementioned violations", provided that the committee presents its report and recommendations in this regard to the Prime Minister "within one month from the date of receiving this decision."

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