US Ambassador Norland: Turkish intervention in Libya was in response to "Wagner's forces"

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 05 Jun 2020, 05:28 PM
alwasat radio

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, expressed his country's concern about the possibility of continued escalation in the Libyan crisis, in particular after the US military command in Africa monitored Russian combat aircraft in Al-Jufra and the continued flows of Turkish military equipment and other forms of support.

However, he indicated that the Turkish intervention in the conflict came in response to the intervention of the Russian "Wagner Forces" last October, according to his speech at a press conference held by the Dubai Foreign Affairs Center for Media Communication, on Thursday.

He continued: "Now, after almost settling the situation on the ground, our message is that foreign interference must stop, and the Libyan parties are allowed to attend the negotiating table, we do not believe that Libya wants to be occupied by any foreign element, whether it is Russia, Turkey, or even an ideological movement.

Norland reaffirmed his country's desire to see all foreign fighters outside Libya to ease the conflict, commenting: “I spoke with some colleagues in Tripoli today, and about the liberation of Libya, and the joy they feel after the bombing has ended, it will be an absolute crime if this is resumed, and there is no reason for that. And this could start by easing the escalation of the foreign presence, Wagner, and the Syrians on both sides.

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