GNA Interior Ministry says assigned 4 security departments to investigate kidnapping of Wisal Abdul Hafeez

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 21 May 2020, 05:22 PM
alwasat radio

The Ministry of Interior for Libya's Government of National Accord  said Thursday, that it has assigned 4 security departments to collect information and investigate the kidnapping of Wisal Abdul Hafeez Muhamed Abdul-Hadi, taken by gunmen two days ago after a home robbery.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Interior published on its Facebook page, the security services mandated by the Ministry to follow up on the case are: Al-Kramiya Police Station, Al-Jafara Security Directorate, Criminal Investigation Service, and the Ministry's Information and Follow-up Office.

According to the statement, the security services will "collect information and investigate until she is found and returned to her family and the perpetrators brought to justice."

The Ministry of the Interior cadded "whoever carried out this cowardly criminal act will not escape punishment", and that "the hand of justice and law will hold them accountable for the crimes committed against citizens."

The kidnapping of Wisal has captured the attention of the Libyan social media pages since yesterday, with citizens calling for the pursuit of the perpetrators and her safe return to her family.

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