3 brothers killed and a fourth injured due to rocket fire on market in Tarhuna

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 19 Apr 2020, 09:21 PM
alwasat radio

A medical source at Tarhuna General Hospital confirmed on Sunday, that three brothers were killed and a fourth brother was injured due to an attack by a drone aircraft on a market in Tarhuna.

The source tells Alwasat that the three brothers who were killed as a result of the bombing were: Abdel-Moneim Shagila, Mounir Shagila and Alaa Shagila, noting that the fourth brother Abdel-Hakim Shagila was admitted to the intensive care unit due to severe injury.

Several sources said earlier today that Government of National Accord (GNA) forces began a multi-pronged attack towards Tarhuna. A day after clashes erupted between GNA and the Libyan National Army forces near the city.

The media center for Operation 'Volcano of Anger' announced that the GNA Air Force dropped leaflets in both Arabic and Russian over the city of Tarhuna, calling on citizens to stay home and stay away armed combatants.

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