UNHCR says fears capabilities for confronting coronavirus in Libya being undermined due to the conflict

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 03 Apr 2020, 02:17 PM
alwasat radio

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has expressed its fear that "weakend" health facilities in Libya will not be able to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, due to the ongoing conflict.

The organization, through its spokesman, Babar Baloch, expressed its regret over the escalation of fighting in conjunction with the presence of the pandemic, despite the initial agreement on a humanitarian truce on Friday.

The UNHCR urged conflicting parties to stop the fighting in an effort to confront the virus, noting that with regional partners, they are continuing to provide equipment and field clinics for local health care services, in addition to working to raise the level of public health awareness.

The United Nations organization called on the Libyan authorities to work to ensure that the population has access to health checkpoints to control any cases of infection, and to reduce the spread of the disease.

Yesterday, Libya recorded the first death from the novel coronavirus, an 85-year-old woman, while the number of positive cases rose to 10.

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