GNA Interior Ministry says it has not issued instructions regarding a 24 hour curfew

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 23 Mar 2020, 11:49 PM
alwasat radio

The Interior Ministry for Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) confirmed that it has not yet issued instructions for a  24 hour curfew.

The Ministry stated, in a statement to the Supreme Committee to Confront the Coronavirus, that the curfew will be 12 hours from six in the evening until six in the morning in accordance with Presidential Council Resolution No. (215) issued on March 21.

The Presidential Council announced its curfew on Sunday.

The Ministry of Interior added that imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine not exceeding 200 dinars awaits anyone who violates quarantine measures or violates the announcement of the curfew that was approved by the Presidential Council yesterday.

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