Parliament Spokesman: The Parliament is not participating in the Geneva Dialogue

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 26 Feb 2020, 08:39 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for Libya House of Representatives, Abdullah Bleihaq, said that the parliament is not participating in the political track meetings in Geneva, in reference to meetings that started today at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.

He added in a statement that the participation of the parliament will be in accordance with the decisions of the House of Representatives numbers 17 and 18 for the year 2020, pointing out that any participant outside their framework represent only themselves and does not represent the parliament.

He referred to the suspension of participation in the "Geneva Dialogue" until the UN mission formally responds to its questions regarding the dialogue's agenda.

It is noteworthy that the political track meetings for the Libyan dialogue started today, Wednesday, at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva with the participation of representatives from Tobruk and Tripoli.

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