Italian Opposition: Al-Sarraj “evading” Conte meeting reflects "government failure"

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 08 Jan 2020, 11:03 PM
alwasat radio

The head of the Senate opposition party 'Forza Italia' Anna Maria Bernini, said that Libya Presidential Council leader Fayez Al-Sarraj, "evaded the meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the seat of government in Rome", which represents "a slap in the face, confirming the final failure of the Italian government."

Libya’s Ambassador to the European Union, Hafez Kaddour, denied earlier today that Al-Sarraj would got to Rome, confirming his return to Tripoli immediately after Brussels, stressing that “there will not be any dialogue or meeting with Khalifa Haftar.”

Bernini added, "unprecedented diplomatic chaos has already occurred," explaining "calling a prime minister without informing him of his archenemy means either exaggerating the position that Italy has as an international mediator, or that our politicians are just amateurs, both things are devastating, in the midst of an international crisis of this magnitude."

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