Egypt condemns signing of agreements between Presidential Council and Turkey

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 29 Nov 2019, 08:19 PM
alwasat radio

Egypt on Thursday condemned the signing of two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) on security cooperation and maritime boundries with Turkey, stressing that such memorandums have no legal effect.

It said in a statement that these notes could not be “recognized” in light of the fact that Article 8 of the Skhirat Political Agreement on Libya, which the Libyans have accepted, explicitly states that the Presidential Council as a whole - and not the President of the Council alone - "has the power to make international agreements."

Adding: "It is known that the Presidential Council currently suffers from a serious imbalance in the representation of the Libyan areas, and thus confined to limited authority, in it's conduct."

Egypt, which has been at odds with Turkey since the Egyptian military overthrew Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in 2013, condemned the deal as “illegal and not binding or affecting the interests and the rights of any third parties”.

Cairo urged the international community to assume its responsibilities to face this negative approach, which comes at a very precise time when international efforts continue in coordination and cooperation with the Libyan brothers within the framework of the Berlin process to reach a comprehensive and enforceable agreement based on addressing all aspects of the Libyan crisis, so as to preserve the unity and integrity of Libya. 

At the end of the statement, Egypt also expressed its fears that the political process in Berlin would be affected by these negative developments.

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