Afriqiyah Airways resumes flights from Tripoli to Amman on November 22

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 07 Nov 2019, 12:36 PM
alwasat radio

Afriqiyah Airways will resume flights from the city of Tripoli to the Jordanian capital Amman starting on November 22, with two weekly flights on Monday and Friday.

A spokesman for the company, Omran Zabadi, said in a statement to Alwasat, on Thursday, that the company has set a promotional price for the round-trip ticket, which is 950 dinars, in addition to 200 dinars as a cost of issuing a visa.

He pointed out that Libyan patients and those accompanying them are exempted from the request for prior approval for the purpose the of treatment if they are men over 50 years, children under 15 years or women of all ages.

He also pointed out that there is an entry fee to be paid at Queen Alia Airport worth 40 Jordanian dinars.

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