Hungarian journalist wounded in Libya fighting returns home

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 12 Sep 2019, 09:47 PM
alwasat radio

The director of the Information Department in Libya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdelfattah Mehny, said that the Hungarian photojournalist, Gergely Szabo,of RTL TV, left Wednesday for his country from Misrata airport, after his health has stabilized.

In a statement to Alwasat, Mehney said that the journalist survived a bombing in the Salah Al-Din area, was taken to the Seoul Medical Clinic for care and returned to his country after doctors confirmed that his health was stable enough for travel.

He stressed that the Hungarian journalist received full health care at the expense of the Libyan government, where he underwent surgery to remove shrapnel and heal his wounds, adding that his injury was minor compared to the fighters who were next to him during the bombing.

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