The US Embassy in Libya calls on all parties to redouble their efforts to protect civilians

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 08 Aug 2019, 09:44 AM
alwasat radio

The Embassy of the United States of America called on all parties in Libya to redouble their efforts to protect civilians and prevent damage to civilian infrastructure. In particular, they urged an immediate de-escalation and halt to attacks against Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, which endangered Libyan civilians seeking to perform the Hajj pilgrimage on August 3.

The safety and security of civilian air traffic and infrastructure — which is vital to facilitate commerce and the delivery of humanitarian supplies for the benefit of all Libyans — should be respected by all sides of the current conflict. The Embassy also voiced its concern about ongoing violence impacting civilians in Murzuq, including air strikes on August 5 that reportedly killed and injured large numbers of civilians.

The Embassy affirmed its support for the UN call for a truce to begin on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday. Adding: "during this holy season of sacrifice and reflection, we honor the right of all Libyans to express their faith in peace, stability, and dignity.  We also reiterate our deep concern about ongoing instability near Tripoli, call for immediate de-escalation and a halt to the fighting, and urge a prompt return to the UN-mediated political process."

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