4 killed and 33 wounded as car bombs targets funeral in Benghazi

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 11 Jul 2019, 11:24 PM
alwasat radio

At least two bomb-laden vehicles exploded Thursday near a group of Libyan National Army leaders in their eastern stronghold of Benghazi, killing four people and wounding 33 others and casting doubt on the LNA's 3-month-old offensive on Tripoli, the U.N.-backed government's capital.

The spokesman for the Benghazi-based rival government's Interior Ministry, Tarek El-Kharraz, said several senior LNA figures, including the commander of LNA special forces, had gathered in western Benghazi to attend the funeral service of a high-ranking military general.

El-Kharraz said the dead in the attack included two civilians and two soldiers, and the wounded included civilians, army personnel and police. He said none of the military leaders was killed or wounded.

LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said later there were three explosions and accused the U.N.-supported government of financing the attackers, but provided no evidence.

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