Richard Norland: My main task is a cease fire in Tripoli and to support the resumption of negotiations

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 21 Jun 2019, 04:28 AM
alwasat radio

Richard Norland, President Donald Trump's nominee for Ambassador to Libya, said his main task when he took command of the US mission was to "end the lastest round of fighting, which began in early April, through an immediate ceasefire in Tripoli" and negotiations between the parties to the crisis in the country.

The comments came during a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before being formally appointed to lead the US diplomatic mission in Libya.

"The Libyans are looking for signs of hope that the ongoing violence in Tripoli will end and that a more secure and prosperous future will be achieved for them," Norland said. "The interests of the American people are at stake, in terms of ending the suffering of innocent people, combating terrorism, oil markets, reducing human suffering, political instability, large-scale migration and closer economic cooperation after decades of instability and isolation. "

Norland expressed his happiness with the confidence of US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to nominate him to serve as US ambassador to Libya, vowing to do his best to bolster US diplomacy to stabilize the situation in Libya and the interests of the United States if his appointment is officially confirmed.

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