Three Egyptians nationals accused of murder captured after escaping from Ajdabiya prison

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 05 Jun 2019, 04:35 PM
alwasat radio

Security security services in Ajdabia, in collaboration with the Criminal Investigations Division in Benghazi captured three Egyptian nationals accused of murder after escaping from a prison in the city of Ajdabiya last Friday.

Interior Ministry officical Walid Al-Arifi told Alwasat on Tuesday that the escape of the three defendants from custody was "the result of negligence." He pointed out that "most security guards were absent and there was only one guard. One of the Egyptian nationals requested to go to the prayer room, when we he was allowed to walk to the room he went over to the others and set them loose." 

Al-Arifi confirmed that combing operations started by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation in which they managed to arrest the three fugitives in the Al-Zueitina area.


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