Vincenzo Boccia: Europe must pressure the conflicting Libyan parties to reach an agreement

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 23 May 2019, 12:07 PM
alwasat radio

The head of the General Confederation of Italian Industry said that the split in European positions feeds the division of the parties in Libya.

"The weakness of Italy on the one hand and the disdain of some European partners on the other hand will lead to the need to liquidate a heavy account soon," said Vincenzo Boccia at the General Assembly of the Union, held in Rome on Wednesday according to the AKI agency.

"For us, this will account for the influx of migrants who will start arriving at the start of the summer," he said.

He stressed that "Europe must speak with one voice to the Libyan factions, and pressure on the parties to the conflict, to push them to reach an agreement."

The former European Commission president, Romano Prodi, called for the adoption of a common European policies to restore peace and stability in Libya, against the backdrop of a split in European positions on recent developments in the field.

The Italian politician, who headed a center-left government in Italy during 2006-2008, said the unity of the European position towards the crisis in Libya was "the first necessary condition for opening a constructive dialogue and finding real partners in Libya."

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