Libyan representative to the Security Council: The attack on the capital has left a security vacuum allowing the return of Daesh

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 22 May 2019, 01:52 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Mehdi Saleh al-Mughrabi, said that the attack on the capital Tripoli left a security vacuum that allowed the return of the "Daesh" organization after its expulsion from the city of Sirte and other Libyan cities.

In his address to the Security Council session on the situation in Libya, al-Mughrabi said that the southern region of Libya was recently subjected to a series of terrorist attacks by the Daesh in the cities of Sebha, Ghadwa, Zila and others.

"The Government of National Accord believes that the Security Council today has a historic responsibility to correct the course of the compass and restore the situation to normal and is called upon more than ever to overcome expressions of concern and to carry out its responsibilities in the immediate implementation of its previous resolutions," he said.