GNA's Counterterrorism Force reveals intelligence cooperation with US, UK and Italy

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 20 May 2019, 11:52 AM
alwasat radio

In the statement the government of national accord's (GNA) counterterrorism force announced "All the qualitative operations are carried out by international and intelligence cooperation and the exchange of information," citing examples of the countries it deals with as the US, Britain and Italy.

"The anti-terrorist force is stationed on the outskirts of Tripoli to defend the country's civilian population," Colonel Abdel Basset Teke, the spokesman for the force told a news conference on Sunday. He added "the force was one of the first forces that confronted the rebels and was able to stop them before the invasion of the capital Tripoli."

Cashes erupted south of the capital Tripoli on April 4, between the forces of the General Command and the GNA in which hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded. The United Nations announced that the number of displaced more than 75 thousand people.

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