GNA Forces Spox: GNA forces have taken control of several new areas

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 25 Apr 2019, 11:38 PM
alwasat radio

A spokesman for the government of national accord forces (GNA), Colonel Mohammed Gnounou, that his forces advanced in the Yarmouk front and gained new positions in the direction of Qasr Ben Ghashir, destroyed four military vehicles, and seized two vehicles carrying anti-aircraft weapons.

In his daily press briefing, Gnounou noted that GNA forces carried out a quick attack in the Ain Zara area and surrounded the forces of the General Command who surrendered themselves and their weapons to the competent authorities, without specifying the numbers or their identities.

He added that his forces also advanced in the areas of Al-Sabia and Souq Al-Sabt, controlling large areas within them, and threatening the supply routes for the General Command between Gharyan and Al-Sabia.

The southern suburbs of Tripoli have seen violent confrontations between GNA forces and the General Command, after Marshal Khalifa Haftar launched a military operation to control the city on april 4th.

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