LNA Spox: U.S. sanctioned Iranian ship linked to revolutionary guard has docked in Misrata

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 23 Apr 2019, 09:09 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for the armed forces of the General Command, Major General Ahmad Al-Mismari, said that "an Iranian ship has docked at the port of Misrata. It is on the U.S. sanctions list because it is linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and has been involved in illegal operations through transporting munitions, weapons and war equipment."

Adding: "We are following this ship and will make sure of the cargo being unloaded, then will we take a position."

In a press conference held on Tuesday evening, Al-Mismari said another vessel coming from Jordan would arrive at the port of Misrata carrying 100 cars that he said could be used for weapons and fighting.

He added that General Command forces shot down a plane belonging to Government of National Accord forces but "the wreckage of the plane and the pilot have not been located yet."

Al-Mismari said that the air force of the General Command carried out 4 air raids on Tuesday in support of forces in the Aziziyah front, and another raid on Camp 27, pointing out that his forces are trying to progress towards the ​​Al-Hira area.

The southern suburbs of the capital Tripoli have seen violent confrontations between the forces of the Government of National Accord and the General Command since April 4th.

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