Bashagha calls on Interior Minister of Cyprus to stop the granting of Cypriot passports to four sons of Marshal Khalifa Haftar

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 23 Apr 2019, 08:23 PM
alwasat radio

The interior minister for the Government of National Accord, Fathi Bashagha, has appealed to the Cypriot Interior Minister to stop the granting of four Cypriot passports to the sons of Marshal Khalifa Haftar after they applied for them, the Interior Ministry said on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

In an call to the Cypriot interior minister, Bashagha said that "information available to the investigation and investigative bodies of the Libyan Ministry of the Interior" was that Khalid, Saddam, Sadiq and Belgasim Haftar "have applied for Cypriot passports."

"These persons are involved in cases and are accused of crimes in Libya, including robbery of the Central Bank of Libya and other criminal acts," Bashagha added. 

Noting that the Interior Ministry was moving cases to the Attorney General's office to issue international arrest warrants.