Presidential Council: Strikes on Mitiga airport are a war crime

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 08 Apr 2019, 10:39 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's presidential council condemned the attack launched by a plane belonging to the General Command led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar on Mitiga airport on Monday. Saying: "The attack is considered a war crime and a crime against humanity. It is a violation of all local laws, treaties and humanitarian principles."

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Presidential Council added that "the bombing caused the suffering of citizens and blocked the transfer of the wounded for treatment in these difficult times."

The statement said that "disregard for the lives of civilians is also confirmed by the recruitment of minors under the legal age in the attack on the capital, a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," in addition to "bombing civilian neighborhoods indiscriminately causing losses in lives and injuries among civilians."

Earlier, the United Nations envoy to Libya's, Ghassan Salamé, said that "the attack on Mitiga airport constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law, which prohibits attacks on civilian installations."

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