LNA Spox: Surprised at presence of US troops in Tripoli.. there are 300 on Libyan territory

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 08 Apr 2019, 12:17 AM
alwasat radio

"The Libyan army forces were surprised by the American presence in Tripoli," the spokesman for the army's General Command, Major General Ahmad Al-Mismari, said. "There are 300 US troops on Libyan territory."

Al-Mismari told a news conference on the military operation currently underway in the western region that "national army forces entered Khallet al-Furjan" in the capital Tripoli and that they "advance from Qasr bin Ghashir to Khallet al-Furjan near Salah al-Din."

He also confirmed that the "Tripoli process is going according to plan" by the General Command, and that its forces "entered the area of ​​Ain Zara, on the outskirts of the main streets of the city of Tripoli." He explained that "the Tripoli process is separate from the political solution" and "its goal is to combat terrorism, which reveals the intentions of the Presidential Council by opposing it."

Al-Mismari added that "all the military brigades" of the General Command "have not yet participated in the battle." He pointed out that "the work of the national army supports the Libyan national conference" which the UN mission is seeking to organize in the city of Ghadames in the middle of this month.

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