LNA Spox: Army forces reached Aziziya.. have begun to implement the second part of the plan

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 04 Apr 2019, 08:03 PM
alwasat radio

The spokesman for the General Command, Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Mismari, said that the army forces arrived in the Aziziya area south of the capital Tripoli, pointing out that it has started implementing plan B, in conjunction with securing the city of Gharyan.

"The military operations have already started and there is no return," he said at a news conference on Thursday. "There is no room for retreat," he said, pointing out that "the headquarters of missions and institutions in the capital would be safe under armed forces control."

He added that "the commander of the armed forces appreciates the role of the people of the city of Gharyan and their support for the forces that entered the region peacefully."

While UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the National Forum "will not be held under these circumstances," Al-Mismari pointed out that "army forces are ready to secure the whole forum, and provide the environment for the success."

"There is no connection between the current battle and the political movement led by the United Nations," he said. "The war on terror must be separated from the politics."

After the statement issued by the head of the Presidential Council, the spokesman for the General Command continued: "Al-Sarraj and corrupt gangs must learn that talk is over with the terrorists."

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