Al-Sarraj: We agreed at the Abu Dhabi meeting to accelerate the unification of institutions and to complete elections before the end of 2019

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 05 Mar 2019, 08:57 PM
alwasat radio

The head of Libya's Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, said that the meeting of Abu Dhabi in which he gathered with Marshal Khalifa Haftar last Thursday ended with agreement on three main points to resolve the Libyan crisis.

Al-Sarraj said in his address to the meeting of Libyan mayors that the three points agreed upon are: not to prolong the transitional period, the need to unify institutions and to complete the elections before the end of 2019 while providing the appropriate atmosphere for them.

"Peace is our choice. The alternative is a civil war that destroys infrastructure," he said. "There is a small group that is trying to drag us to destroy all our capabilities, and I do not think the Libyans will want that."

He pointed out that "incompatibility between the Libyans means the continuation of the conflict and the continuation of those who provide arms to these parties, and the loser is the homeland."

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