Presidential Council Condemns Military Escalation in Southern Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 05 Feb 2019, 10:33 PM
alwasat radio

The Presidential Council in the Government of National Reconciliation on Tuesday evening condemned the "military escalation taking place in some parts of southern Libya, the latest of which was the aerial bombardment of Murzuq and its surrounding areas."

The Presidential Council said in a statement published by the Information Office that the aerial bombardment of Murzuq caused "material damage and intimidation of innocent citizens and wounded a number of them" calling for "the immediate cessation of such acts in order to preserve civil peace."

"The fight against terrorism of all kinds and forms, organized crime and the elimination of the intruders and mercenaries who have desecrated our land is our goal and we will not give up," the presidential council expressed its hope that "the language of reason and wisdom will prevail."

Adding, "this is not achieved by rushing towards military solutions that threaten the security and lives of civilians." Also stressing that it is attempting to "unify efforts and coordination through orderly, comprehensive work and security arrangements."

"These actions will bring us back and we are at the door of solving the crisis in our country by unifying institutions and holding elections, so that our country will overcome the ordeal and bring it to safety," the presidential council said.

The statement concluded that "the south is very important for the stability of Libya, should not become an arena for the settling of political accounts and will not allow it to ever happen."

The presidential statement comes more than two weeks after the general command of the Libyan armed forces in Benghazi launched a military operation in the southwest of the country aimed at controlling the region, in a war on terrorist organizations, crime syndicates and to secure oil installations.

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