Tripoli Protection Force: Will not comply with Presidential Council orders unless full membership meets

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 17 Jan 2019, 04:57 PM
alwasat radio

The Tripoli Protection Force announced that it would not comply with the presidential council unless it "meets and issues its decisions with membership present in its entirety", hours after renewed clashes in the south of Tripoli.

"We declare that there is no obedience to this council except when all members are accounted for, until the election of a head of state and a legislative authority," the force said in a statement.

The statement added "otherwise we will consider what happens and will happen in a systematic manner" and called on the Presidential Council to "clarify its positions on the events of late."

Local sources announced earlier today renewed armed clashes in the ​​Qasr Ben Ghashir area, south of the Libyan capital Tripoli, explaining that the clashes stopped at exactly 10 pm on Wednesday but renewed shortly thereafter.

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