Libyan border to be part of the discussions during Netanyahu's visit to Chad next week

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 14 Jan 2019, 08:39 PM
alwasat radio

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to visit Chad next week after 44 years of severed relations between the two countries.

Netanyahu will visit Chad for several hours to meet with President Idriss Déby two months after his historic visit to Israel last November, the French-language news website Info News Israel reported Monday.

The agenda of Netanyahu's visit was not announced, but it will be a continuation of the Israeli-Chadian normalization after four decades of severing relations. While Idris Déby is looking for supportive attitudes to counter terrorism in West Africa and rebel movements stationed near the Libyan border, fighting Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda in the Region The Israelis are taking the opportunity to sign arms contracts with Chad.

Netanyahu described Chad after his meeting with Déby as an important African country, and expressed satisfaction with the resumption of relations with them, pointing to the existence of many common issues of interest to the two countries, including the fight against terrorism.

The Chadian President said he had submitted a list of urgent requests to Israel, led by security and military, which the Chadian government might use against rebel movements in the north and east of the country near the Libyan border.

The Libyan army has been responding to attacks by Chadian rebels and mercenaries present in Libya, at a time when the former Chadian president spoke of forces hostile to his regime operating within Libyan territory.


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