US to help Tunisia investigate extermists returning from Libya, Iraq and Syria

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 08 Jan 2019, 04:02 PM
alwasat radio

The candidate for the US ambassador post to Tunisia, Donald Bloom, confirmed Washington's support for investigations of "extremists" returning from Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Blum, who had been the charge d'affaires to Libya, is likely to succeed Daniel Rubenstein as the US ambassador to Tunisia after the US Congress approved the appointment of a successor earlier this month.

In a speech before his nomination, Donald Blum said the Tunisian government faced the challenge of holding its citizens who had traveled to Libya, Iraq and Syria to take part in "terrorist" acts accountable.

In this regard, he revealed the work and support of the United States to the Tunisian government to enhance its ability to investigate, prosecute and imprison these individuals.

He pointed out that Tunisia is a member of the global coalition to defeat ISIS, and that it worked with the United States in order to secure its territory.

Bloom stressed the historical relations between Tunisia and the United States, adding that it was based on three pillars: a security partnership, economic cooperation and political support.