Libyans celebrate 67th anniversary of independence

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 24 Dec 2018, 05:44 PM
alwasat radio

Libyans, on Monday, will mark the 67th anniversary of the country's independence on December 24, 1951 amid hopes of reconciliation and stability in the country years after the February 17 revolution.

"We declare to the noble Libyan nation that, as a result of its struggle and in accordance with the UN resolution of 21 November 1949, the independence of our dear country has been fulfilled with the help of God," King Idris Al-Senussi announced.

Amidst the great gathering of citizens, Al-Senussi added: "We pray to the Almighty, most sincerely and most graciously, for his blessings, and we extend to the Libyan nation our sincere congratulations on the occasion of this historical event. We officially declare that Libya has become an independent and sovereign state since today. "

The Libyans throughout the country received the news of independence with great joy, raising national flags in the 'August 9 square' in Benghazi, chanting slogans like "Omar Mukhtar called on us in the name of the martyrs," and "Idris the whole nation came to the crown."

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