Report: Libya last in the world in English proficiency

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 08 Nov 2018, 03:02 PM
alwasat radio

Libya is ranked 88th in English proficiency among non-native speakers.

According to an annual report released this week by the Education First Foundation on English proficiency for 2018, Libya scored last after Iraq, Uzbekistan and Cambodia because of "very low levels of proficiency in English", which measures the levels of non-native speakers in 88 countries around the world.

The educational institution advised Libya to take various measures that could help improve efficiency levels, including formal recognition of English as a master skill, teaching English to all children from primary school, and avoiding dubbing of movies and television programs.

The surprise of the report was France ranking as the least proficient in English of any EU country at 35th in the world, is placing in the "moderate proficiency" group.

In the report countries are placed in five levels, ranging from "very high proficiency" to "very low proficiency". 

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