Mattis announces the return of Peter Bodde as US ambassador to Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 29 Oct 2018, 10:49 PM
alwasat radio

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed the return of US Ambassador to Libya Peter Bodde to the service this week, but saying he had "no good ideas" to end the conflict in Libya.

In response to a question by former Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy, he asked him to explain a little about the role of the United States in the situation in Libya as another area of ​​concern in the Middle East during the American minister's participation in the Manama Dialogue Summit at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

"In Libya, I would like to recall Ambassador Bodde's return to service this week," Mattis said. "He had a family situation with his father and he had to take care of him when he retired from the State Department." Adding, "We are working with our European and North African partners in particular on the situation in Libya and we will continue to do so."

In his response, the Secretary of Defense reiterated the need to end the Libyan conflict. "I repeat that we must find a way to end the conflict. I do not have any good ideas on how to do it now, but I think the right people are working on that to define the framework principles that are needed in the future."

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