IOM Report: 669,177 migrants of 41 nationalities currently in Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 09 Oct 2018, 12:05 AM
alwasat radio

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimated the number of migrants in Libya at 669,000, from 41 different nationalities, distributed among more than 100 Libyan municipalities.

In a new report, the orgnization said that 669,177 migrants were registered in Libya in July and August, 12% of which were women and 9% were minor children. Migrants from Niger accounted for 19%, Followed by migrants from Egypt and Chad with 14% each, Sudan with 12% and Nigeria with 10%.

The cities of Tripoli, Misrata and Ajdabia host the largest number of migrants, with only 22% of migrants, 148,000 people, mainly from Niger, Nigeria and Sudan, are currently in Tripoli alone.

There are about 78,000 migrants in the city of Misrata, or 12% of the total migrants, most of them from Niger, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Ajdabiya hosts about 68,000 immigrants, 10%, mostly from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Migrants from the countries of the African Sahara region account for 65% of the total migrants in Libya, followed by North African immigrants by 29% and Asia and Middle East by 6%.

The report noted a significant increase in the number of migrants from Bangladesh, reaching 23,000 in Libya, representing 61% of the migrants from Asia. Syrian migrants represent 27% of the migrants in Libya, the equivalent of 10 thousand people, followed by immigrants from Pakistan at 5%.

In its report, the organization highlighted the main routes that migrants take to reach Libya, the most important being the routes from Niger and Egypt.

The report said 19,800 immigrants had arrived in Italy through Libya since the beginning of the year, with some 1,130 immigrants sinking. The Libyan Coast Guard has helped save and repatriate some 13,000 migrants.