Haftar: The liberation of Tripoli in accordance with a military plan is inevitable

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 13 Sep 2018, 09:37 PM
alwasat radio

"The first thing we want is elections, but if the elections are not fair. The army will do something about it," said Army General Commander Khalifa Haftar. Stressing his support for elections and recognition of its outcome "as long as they are fair," pointing out that he is committed to the "Paris Agreement."

"In Paris there was a political agreement with the rival parties in Libya, all the political agreements are useless, despite this we are committed to the Paris agreement," he said during a meeting with elders and tribal leaders in Benghazi on Thursday.

He added: "We entered a calculated risk, not in order to devise a coup"

On the events of the capital Tripoli, he said "the crisis in Tripoli must end as soon as possible and we can not be silent during the current situation [..] the liberation of Tripoli in accordance with military plans is an unavoidable option."

Haftar also discussed the armed formations in Tripoli saying, "They are those who praise Italy, and by the way, it considers us as the enemy."

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