Italian PM Conte: We have never expressed claims of dominance or expansionist goals for Italy in Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 08 Aug 2018, 10:00 PM
alwasat radio

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed that US President Donald Trump, who received him at the White House late last month, "recognized the fact that Italy attaches great importance to Libya." Adding, "We have never really expressed claims of dominance or expansionist goals, but the need to ensure national interests," according to the Italian news agency Aki.

Conte made the remarks to media in Rome in the last meeting before the start of his summer vacation.

"Libya has strategic importance for Italy, for historical and geopolitical reasons," Conte told reporters, adding that "the migration routes that cross Libya focus on Italy." Warning that the acceleration of general elections in Libya, without guarantees of reconciliation between political parties there "will not achieve stability."

The Italian prime minister said the aim was to "stabilize Libya" so that "the upcoming elections will be conducted with adequate guarantees," saying that "an accelerated electoral process does not achieve stability [..] it has to be reached gradually."

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