Libya's GNA Foreign Ministry denounces Canada's interference in Saudi Arabia's internal affairs

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 08 Aug 2018, 04:06 PM
alwasat radio

The foreign ministry in Libya's Government of National Accord issued a statement on Wednesday in which it denounced interference in the internal affairs of other countries, in reference to the diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada.

The foreign ministry affirmed that it stood by Saudi Arabia saying, "Libya is a country that takes exception to such measures, policies, practices and statements that would prejudice the sovereignty and stability of other countries."  and called for a "settlement of these differences by friendly means."

Saudi Arabia froze trade and new investments with Canada and expelled the Canadian ambassador this week, prompting Canada to seek help from the UAE and Britain to defuse the conflict which began when Ottawa urged Riyadh to free imprisoned human rights activists.

The United States and Russia have been reluctant to intervene to resolve the dispute, both have called on the two countries to resolve their differences themselves.

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