Garaboulli Municipality (65km east of Tripoli) demands armed formations exit their area

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 11 Jul 2018, 09:49 AM
alwasat radio

The municipal council, dignitaries, leaders, civil society organizations and residents of the Garaboulli region condemned Tuesday the entry of armed groups from Tarhouna into their area, demanding that these formations immediately withdraw in accordance with signed agreements.

The statement said that "these formations began to stop passersby on public roads and roamed the city, which brought panic to the people of the region, leading to the exit of many individuals and families from their homes."

The statement added that the entry of these armed formations to the region "violated the previous agreements concluded between the area of ​​Garaboulli and Tarhouna, most recently under the auspices of the municipal council of Greater Tripoli and other parties."

Concluding with "state authorities are responsible for the serious consequences that may result from these violations to the sanctity of the region." 

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