Presidential Council source denies plans for postponing elections till next year

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 11 Jul 2018, 09:35 AM
alwasat radio

A source inside the Presidential Council of the National Reconciliation Government denied that the countries participating in the meeting of the P3 + 3 held in the Italian capital Rome on Monday, agreed that Libya should postpone the elections till 2019.

The source said in a statement received by Alwasat on Tuesday evening, "no agreement or agreement to postpone the elections to 2019 has been made. This has been confirmed by those countries attending the meeting" without providing further clarification or any additional details.

No representatives from the Presidential Council were present at the meeting, which included representatives of three Security Council members: the United States, Britain, France, countries concerned with the Libyan issue: Italy, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia were present as observers.

This contrasts what a diplomatic source told Alwasat on Monday, that the participants in the meeting of the P3 + 3 held at the Foreign Ministry in Rome agreed to postpone the organization of the presidential and parliamentary elections to the first half of 2019.

The meeting also discussed developments in the situation in Libya and means of moving forward to resolve the current political crisis in the country, with the United Nations leading the main effort.

The participants also assessed the "Action Plan for Libya" announced by UN envoy Ghassan Salamé, launched on September 26, 2017, and the current status of the political process, which is still facing several obstacles at the local level, with regional and international visions continuing to diverge on future political arrangements in Libya.

The diplomatic source commented on the consensus on the postponement of the elections, despite the dates set out in the Paris Declaration of May 29, saying: "The French were apparently aiming to set specific dates to motivate Libyan partners to move forward on the political track but there are great difficulties on the ground."

The source expected that the international diplomatic efforts concerned with Libya  would see "intensive moves" staring next week, with the scheduled start of Stephanie Williams as Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission in Libya.

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