Al-Mishri and Sanalla meet to discuss Oil Crescent crisis

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 10 Jul 2018, 08:51 PM
alwasat radio

High Council of State leader Khaled al-Mishri met on Tuesday with the head of the National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sannalla in Tripoli.

A brief statement published by the Information Office at the High Council of the State, said the meeting discussed the crisis in the Oil Crescent, the negative effects of the suspension of exports on the economic situation, and ways to re-export.

The Oil Corporation announced last Friday that the total losses incurred by the country; as a result of the closure of ports of Hariga and the Gulf of Sidra reached 920 million dollars.

In previous statements, the head of the oil company Mustafa Sanalla said that the General Command did not back down from its decision to prevent ships from entering the port to ship the amounts allocated to them, although he warned of the consequences of the continued closures.

The General Command of the army announced the delivery of oil facilities to a parallel oil corporation operating in Benghazi under the interim government. Army spokesman Brigadier General Ahmad al-Mismari attributed the decision to terrorist groups receiving financial support, weapons and ammunition through oil revenues received by Tripoli.

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