Libyan Airlines halts flights from Tripoli to Tunis after hiring dispute at Tunisia office

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 06 Jul 2018, 07:41 PM
alwasat radio

A dispute inside Libyan Airlines about the appointment of an employee to lead the company's office in Tunis and the subordination of that office led to the suspension of flights from Tripoli to Tunis.

The airline information office in Tripoli announced yesterday that the company had decided to stop Tunisia flights until further notice, "due to the authorities in Tunisia allowing an unauthorized person to take over the Libyan Airlines office in Tunisia and because the Tunisian authorities have not responded to the calls of the management and the Libyan government."

The management of the company in Benghazi responded that flights to and from Tunis airport are continuing, adding "the general administration of Libyan Airlines in Benghazi has obtained a court ruling in Tunis awarding it station management, thus the Tunis station belongs to the General Administration of Benghazi."

The legal advisor for Benghazi management pointed out that "flights between Benghazi and Tunis will be continue at 3 times a week (Sunday, Monday and Thursday) on a regular basis and trip schedules will be prepared in advance."

"The announcement of the suspension of flights until further notice is just an objection to the subordination of the Tunis station to Benghazi," he said.

The fate of hundreds of passengers who have pre-booked flights to and from Tripoli is yet to be determined.

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