Special Forces Spox: Shura Council fighters isolated to several streets inside Derna

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 11 Jun 2018, 10:20 AM
alwasat radio

"Fighters of the terrorist organizations are now isolated to several streets and alleys in downtown and the eastern Shehata area of Derna" said Special Forces spokesman Colonel Meloud Al-Zawi.

Al-Zawi's statement to Alwasat also revealed that Libyan army forces managed to control the seaport and the entire Corniche (coastal) road and the Sahaba mosque in the city of Derna.

He added that the Libyan army is now engaged in a "street war and is tightening the screws on the terrorists," pointing out that "military operations are still ongoing" and that "the liberation of the region is almost settled."

Al-Zawi's statement concluded by saying that the Libyan army "did not use heavy weapons and that the ongoing battles are only with light and medium weapons."

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