Ageilah Saleh: The High Council of State and some members of the House of Representatives do not want to resolve the crisis

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 31 May 2018, 11:08 AM
alwasat radio

House of Representatives Speaker, Ageilah Saleh, said on  Wednesday that the High Council of the State and some members of the House of Representatives "do not want to resolve the crisis," noting however that he was "optimistic about the results of the Paris meeting."

In an interview with France24 Saleh said "I am committed, and most members of the House of Representatives, to the Paris Agreement, but the coming days will show the extent of the commitment of other parties," stressing that he did not refuse to meet with new High Council of State leader Khaled Al-Mishri "but he did not come to Tobruk."

Saleh added: "What is important now is to implement what was agreed upon in Paris, it needs to be adopted by the House of Representatives to be effective and final."

He also pointed out that he had made proposals in the past: "I having been calling for the outcome of the Paris meeting since February 2017 and presented it to other parties but they did not want to get out of the crisis."

Saying that the date of December 10 as election day is "acceptable and possible if the intentions were pure." He pointed out that
"Libya is ready for elections if supported by the international community and out of reach from the militias inTripoli." 

As for the draft constitution, he said: "It will be presented to the deputies, and in the case of the majority, it will be presented as a referendum for the people to give their say. If a majority is not achieved, then a constitutional declaration will be used."

Commenting on a possible run for office Saleh says "I have no intention yet to run in the presidential elections, but perhaps the conditions of the country require my candidacy, but I do not want to do so on a personal level." 

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