Khalifa Haftar: Liberation of Derna is imminent.. fair trials will be afforded to those who surrender themselves

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 23 May 2018, 03:37 PM
alwasat radio

Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said that the Libyans were close to the day of the declaring the country cleansed of "the last strongholds of terrorism," stressing that the military confrontations with groups of "darkness" came after all peaceful solutions were rejected.

He added in a televised speech on Wednesday morning: "We are going through a critical and decisive hour in our war against terrorism, zero-hour to liberate the Derna, which people have awaited, has arrived and we have put fear into the terrorists and their supporters."

"After four years of holy struggle against the Kharijites, we are close to the liberation of Derna," he said, adding that military action to root out and crush the terrorists came "after they rejected all peaceful efforts to avoid armed confrontation and insisted on separating Derna from the body of one nation."

"We have no choice but to win, as we are always accustomed to. We have no choice but to choose dignity over humiliation," he said. "The brave warriors on the battlefronts of Derna have left us with no choice but to fight."

"Do not be mad at the enemy, beware of ambushes and deceit in the war, and treat those who turn themselves to you with all due respect and fire your guns at the factions of terrorism, so that God will reward you."

Haftar also gave instructions to the army when he entering Derna by saying: "Its people are peaceful civilians, and they are your family, except for those who stand by them to support the falsehood and take up arms under the banner of terrorism."

Adding: "Be careful to protect your family in Derna."

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