Fayez Serraj: We call for a peaceful solution to end the bloodshed in Derna

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 17 May 2018, 10:45 AM
alwasat radio

Presidential Council PM Fayez Serraj, asked elders and community leaders from Derna and the neighboring regions to intervene urgently to find a peaceful solution that would end bloodshed in the city. He also stressed his stand against terrorism in all its forms.

"We are following with great concern the reports of aerial bombardments and military operations in the town of Derna," he said in a statement issued on Wednesday night.

He added: "We have already called for the restoration of calm and ending the suffering of citizens by lifting the siege on Derna, along with stopping the combat operations, killing and destruction."

Serraj renewed his warning of "the dangers of military operations and the resulting civilian casualties and blows to the infrastructure in the city."

"These attacks affect civilians and are prohibited by international humanitarian law and human rights law," he said.

Brigadier General Ahmad Mismari, spokesman for the army's general command, held a press confrence in Benghazi and said "Army forces are fighting Al-Qaeda in Derna," adding that "the groups in charge of the city do not recognize any of the political bodies in Libya."

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