Ageilah Saleh orders the the purchase and repayment of medical debt owed by Libyans in Jordan (est. $300 mil)

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 17 May 2018, 10:32 AM
alwasat radio

The Speaker of Libya's House of Representatives, Ageilah Saleh ordered the long-term investment portfolio to carry out the purchase and repayment of debt treatment owed by Libyans in Jordan which is estimated at about $ 300 million.

The plan was put in motion when Saleh issued Resolution No. (42) for the year 2018.

The decision granted all legal powers for the purchase of remedial debt.

In the same context, the Jordanian Prime Minister Atef Tarawneh said during a meeting on Wednesday with Libyan Ambassador Mohammed Barghouthi that his country looks forward to resolving this outstanding issue, as the delay in the payment of debts caused the affected sectors, including hospitals and medical facilities to close.

Libyan Ambassador Mohamed Barghouthi confirmed that a solution was on the way, noting that he is communicating with several officials in Libya and is making extraordinary efforts to pay the debts as soon as possible.

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