Source: Two 'Shura Council Mujahideen Derna' fighters wounded in clashes with LNA

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 10 May 2018, 10:40 PM
alwasat radio

A local source confirmed the injury of two members of the "Shura Council Mujahideen Derna" group as a result of clashes with army forces in the Fattaih agricultural area 15 km east of the city of Derna.

The source told Alwasat that the two brothers Zubayr Saleh Al-Okli (26 years old) and Abdul Ghaffar Saleh Al-Okli (24 years) were seriously injured and taken to Al-Huraish Hospital.

The city of Derna is under the control of an armed extremist group which does not recognize any of the political bodies in Libya.

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced last Monday, it was "zero hour to liberate Derna," pointing out that he issued instructions to "avoid civilians in the battle."

The residents of Derna are also suffering from difficult humanitarian conditions due to the closure of the roads imposed by the General Command of the army, there has been a severe shortage of food, medical materials and fuel.

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