Army closes the road between Martuba and Fattaih East of Derna

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 07 May 2018, 09:05 PM
alwasat radio

The army has closed the road linking the towns of Martuba and Fattaih 15 kms east of Derna, after taking control of parts of the Fattaih agricultural highlands.

A local source told Alwasat on Monday, that the army closed the road between the two towns, due to “security concerns.”

The source pointed out that the western entrance to the city of Derna was calm and that the road is open to citizens.

Another source in the Omar Mukhtar Operations Room, said that armed forces have deployed in 5 axes points, Al-Fatah, Al-Hamra, Al-Dahr Al-Hamr, Al-Sahel, and Al-Nawar as well as a pasta and flour plant south-east of Derna.

The city of Derna has been under the control of an extremist armed group called the Mujahideen Council of Derna, which does not recognize any of the political bodies in Libya.

"The people are demanding the liberation of Darna and we will move to liberate it," said the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Khalifa Haftar.

The residents of Derna have suffered from difficult humanitarian conditions from the closure of the roads imposed by the Omar Mukhtar Operations Room, which has led to severe shortages of food, medical materials and fuel.

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