Misrata Medical Center warns it may be forced to turn away patients due to shortage of medicines and medical supplies

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 14 Apr 2022, 05:31 PM
alwasat radio

Misrata Medical Center warned of the possibility it may shut down due to the shortage of medicines and medical supplies, blaming stakeholders in the health sector, regulatory and judicial authorities.

The center said in a statement that its administration has attempted to control this "embarrassing and complex situation", which threatens to shut down all departments and turn away patients whether critical or scheduled, through contact with officials and relevant authorities.

The statement added: "Due to the noticeable increase in the number of surgeries in various departments and the failure to deposit the budget allocated to the center, the center has accumulated debts to pharmaceutical and medical supply companies."

The center absolved its responsibility for “any failure to provide medical services to citizens or any defects that leads to complications," placing blame on officials responsible for managing the health sector.

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