EU provides 3.3 million euros to fight tuberculosis in Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 04 Jan 2021, 11:25 PM
alwasat radio

The EU has provided 3.3 million euros to strengthen the fight against tuberculosis in Libya, through an 18-month project.

The incidence of tuberculosis in Libya is increasing, the World Health Organization and the International Organization for Migration said in a joint statement on Monday, noting that the country's health system has been "severely damaged during the decade-long conflict".

"The National Tuberculosis Control Program is experiencing a severe shortage of trained health workers, specialized equipment and medical supplies," the statement added.

"Libya is particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hosting more than 570,000 migrants; 39% of them living in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions, i.e. more than six people living in one room, with limited access to health care services, creating conditions conducive to the spread of tuberculosis, in addition to the presence of migrants in overcrowded detention centres." the statement noted.

According to the statement, this contribution from the EU will enable the two organizations to increase tuberculosis testing, laboratory diagnosis and referral of patients, as well as treatment services for migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons and other most vulnerable populations.

A study by the International Organization for Migration shows that more than 316,000 Libyans are still displaced, while another 567,000 have returned to their areas of origin, where most returnees need food aid and health services.

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