Abu Saleem Municipality prohibits funeral and wedding services due to coronavirus

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 28 Jul 2020, 11:21 AM
alwasat radio

The Abu Saleem Municipal Council has issued an order to temporarily prohibit the holding of all social events and gatherings (funerals and weddings), until the end of the health emergency declared by Libya's Presidential Council.

Resolution No. 21 of 2020 directed the closure of all social event halls, tent rental shops and event supplies within the municipality’s jurisdiction until further notice.

According to the decision, the municipal seizure and judicial seizure officers shall take measures against violators, in accordance with the provisions of Health Law 106 of 1973.

It is reported that the Misrata Municipal Council also decided on Monday to ban the holding of weddings and funerals, in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

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